******  Rules of Play  ******
Team A can hit 5 HRs then cannot hit another HR until Team B hits 5 HRs. Once (if) Team B hits 5 HRs it will be on a one for one after that. If one Team hits a HR before the opposing team hits their required #, the batter is automatically OUT
To clarify...If team A were to hit 5 hr before Team B hit any Team B can hit 6 at no penalty

For anything not covered below we will be using the NSA Canada Rules of Play .

For anything specific not mentioned please contact us so there is consistant communication

The Following changes &/or clarifacations are in place for 2006 and beyond

Pitchers can continue to present the ball, then any style of underhand pitch is allowed.

 IE: Back spin, Side spin, Knuckle, Even the Diggler Wiggler.

We allowed this so mostly for the Back & Side spin

We will deal with any abuse or miss interputation on a 1on1 situation.


1      3 balls / 2 strike count NEW

        EG. after the following your OUT!!

                  2 on mat

                  1 on mat, 2 fouls

                  1 foul, 1 on mat

                  2 fouls, 1 on mat

                  3 fouls

         The home plate is part of the MAT for the purpose of Strikes

2     Any player on the Roster is allowed to play, there is no minimum games required for Playoffs.
3    Games are to start on time, you may begin with a minimum of your own 5 roster players, within 10 min of starting you must have 
       7  players total or FORFEIT the game.
4     If  you start with 5 players then the 6th & 7th are automatic out when batting, starting with 6 players then the 7th is an automatic 

5     If the Team forfeits a game you will have to pay the $50 fine before the next team game.

6     There is no leading off bases by runners!!!!! Runners may not leave bases untill contact of the bat on ball is made and/or swung
        at & missed....... Leading off even a step or more when not swung at is an OUT..........
The deadline (June15th) to have your players on the roster is approaching........any players added after  will cost $20.00 per player. NO players can be added after the last day of the regular season is over! If a players name is not on the roster that player is ineligible to play in the playoffs. If such a player plays any part of a playoff game the team will be given a forfeit loss. No exceptions!
Also any player whose name is on more than one (or only one) roster is only eligble to play in the playoffs for the 1st team he played a game with!
If a team picks up spares for a game they are to play.....Catcher, Right Field, 1st Base, 3rd Base in that order. If you dont have 5 of your own guys it is a forfeit loss and then it doesnt matter where they play. Players cannot be added to lineup after 5ht inning. However you can use subsitutes at anytime. If it is mutually agreed upon before the game starts, the spares can play any position and the game counts.
At the league meeting in April, time was discussed. And again as in the past, teams cannot START an inning with less than 15 minutes left in the 1.5 hour alotted time. This means a complete inning not a half inning. The question of possibly starting games at 6:00 instead of 6:30 was also brought up during the discussion. This was denied as it is too hard for people getting off work to make it earlier than 6:30.

Here is Clarification of a few "myths" about Slo-Pitch & Clarification of some of the miss interpeted Rules.

Rules of play are taken from the NSA & related to Days Inn Mens Slo-Pitch

Bases are set at 65ft Apart

Pitchers Box:

Is approx 24" wide & 60" Long, with the 60" starting BACK from a line drawn between 1st & 3rd. Only ONE foot has to remain in the area till the ball is Pitched. Pitchers normally will not be moved up but are required to be behind the 1st,3rd line.

Batters Box:

Is Auctually 36" wide & 84" LONG, with 36" back from centre plate & 48" FORWARD of centre plate, with approx 6" away from Plate. Batters may move anywhere within this BOX to hit a pitch after Delivery


A runner must return to base before the Pitcher is ready to pitch, if not in contact with the base he is OUT.

A runner is also Out if he runs more than approx 36"(6'wide) outside of the base line to either avoid a tag &/or a Fielder making a Play.

Foul Tip to Catcher

: Is an Out only if the Ball is tipped & reaches a height of approx 6ft minium.

Infield Fly rule:

Is only in affect when there is Less than 2 Out & runners on 1st/2nd or 1st/2nd/3rd. Results from a hit fly ball and can be played(caught) with moderate effort by any Infielder(even if he`s in the Outfield when caught). The base runners can advance but are at liable to be tagged out.

When in affect the Batter is OUT & the Runners may advance with risk of being played Out.

Runner hit by a Batted Ball:

A runner hit by a batted ball in FAIR territory is NOT an automatic out, it is to the Umpires discrection to determine if the Fielder was in position to make a play on the ball or not. If there is no indication the fielder could have made a play the the runner is alive & the ball is in Play.