Score Reporting

NOTE: Winning team reports scores, however losing team should check to make sure their scores jive as Runs are used for tie breaking procedures. I have had a few teams contact me with different scores than reported. I am not going to fight or referee with any team. If there is a problem work it out amongst each other and let me know, if that does not work, take it up with the executive. But make sure you have score sheets for proof or don't bother.


Teams report scores via You must retain game sheets for future referance if needed.  

*****I should have the opportunity to update scores daily. Winning team submits scores. Scores must be reported no later than midnight Sunday following the week the games were played. Any scores not received by then will be counted as a DOUBLE LOSS. I will reply to your email if required so you know your score has been received.

The exception is the last week of the each half season......scores must be in midnight on the Tuesday (12th)-1st half midnight Friday (19th)- 2nd half   

Rain Out Games

There In the event a game gets rained out I have provided the few field times avaliable for rematches, please email me & I can schedule the rematch from the remaing dates avaliable.

Any games not made up by the End of each half season will result in a Double Loss.

Forfeited Games

Teams are required to pay a $50 fine before thier next game

Please contact  Me to report a forfeited game

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments email me by clicking this link and I will do my best.