If anyone has a messages they want added here, ie lost & found, upcoming events and such. You can email them to me and I will post them this page.
The Chat forum has been removed from this site. A facebook page hase been started for chat purposes, its titled "Kenora Slopitch"
Found a glove left at the ladies rec centre field Tuesday May 24th. Teams that played before were Pro Auto Glass and Wildfire. It is a black Rawlings and I think it says Meeg inside. If someone is looking for it they can call Rhonda at 548-2817.
HI! I lost a brown Mizuno glove, Msg me if found. Thanks
Lost or mistakenly taken a big folding lawnchair in a bag, might have been mistaken as a bat bag @ the Roens vs  Heat game at the rec Centre on tuesday the 26th.  It says "KAMALA" on the chair.  can you post it....dont think anyone wants a xl chair...219-1971
Found on Aug 3rd

In the Rec center parking lot where Solid Bones team was standing last night I picked up and have at home a

Easton Brown Glove
Black Mizuno Metal cleats
Blue Sweat pants. 
Let me know