If a team forfeits a game they must pay their opponent $50 before the teams next game or have arrangements in place.
BATS Leagal and Illegal
All NSA approved bats new and old will be allowed in our league. however there is a list of 23 bats that will NOT be allowed in our league. They can be found here...  Illegal bats for Kenora league!
-- If you suspect that your opponent is using an illegal bat. You will take a photo of the bat and present the photo to one or all of the executive members to compare with the list of illegal bats. If the person using the bat refuses to let a photo be taken the user is then undoubtly and automatically presumed guilty and WILL be punished as such! NO EXCEPTIONS.
-- If you suspect that your opponent is using an altered/shaved bat. You will take a photo of the bat and present the photo and user name to one or all of the executive members to investigate. Once the executive has investigated the player will then be asked to produce the bat. Failure to provide the exact bat or allow a photo to be taken the user is then undoubtly and automatically presumed guilty and WILL be punished as such! NO EXCEPTIONS.
**-- If you are caught using an ILLEGAL bat, your team forfeits the game and you will be banned for 1 FULL YEAR from the date of incident.  your team forfeits the game.
**-- If you are caught using an ALTERED bat, your team forfeits the game  and you will be banned for LIFE from the Kenora Men's slopitch league. If you injure another player while using an ALTERED bat you could face criminal charges.
The deadline to add players to your roster with no fee is June 30th. To add any players after this it will cost $20.00 per player. this can be done right up until the last day of regular season. 
NO players can be added to rosters after the last day of the regular season is over! If a player's name is not on the roster that player is ineligible to play in the playoffs. If such a player plays any part of a playoff game the team will be given a forfeit loss. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Also any player whose name is on more than one (or only one) roster is only eligble to play in the playoffs for the 1st team he played a game with!
There are NO PICK UPS allowed in the Playoffs. All players must be on the roster.
If an Illegal player plays for a team that team Automatically loses. This can be addressed by anyone (players or spectators) by bringing it forward to the umpire. However this must be addressed at the field with the umpire if rosters are not on hand. So each team should print out team Rosters from the website if you donot have a smart phone at the field. Final Rosters will be updated on the Friday before playoffs start.


Pickup are allowed during regular season. If a team picks up spares for a game they are to play.....Catcher, Right Field, 1st Base, 3rd Base in that order. If you dont have 5 of your own guys it is a forfeit loss and then it doesnt matter where they play. Players cannot be added to lineup after 5ht inning. However you can use subsitutes at anytime. If it is mutually agreed upon before the game starts, the spares can play any position and the game counts.

-HomeRun is any UNTOUCHED ball which travels over the fence, over fair ground
-5 Homeruns per team and one up
-The one up rule is in effect only after both teams have reached their home run limit.
 Once both teams have reached their home run limit, either team may hit an additional home run, however, no team may ever go more than one home run up on the other team. Any additional home runs above the one up or  more than 5 before opponents hit 5, will be scored an out. The home team, in the bottom of the seventh or later innings, may hit one home run to pull even in the number of home runs as the opposing team, and CAN hit a home run to go one up and to win the game.
Any ball TOUCHED by a defensive player, which then goes over the fence in fair territory, shall not be included in the total of over the fence home runs.
Courtesy Runners & Substitutes 
A Courtesy runner may be used once per game per player. (a maximum of 3 players per team) The courtesy runner must be the player who made the last out. Or if the game is in the first inning; the player furthest from the batter will become the courtesy runner.
A team can substitute a player for another at anytime but the player cannot re-enter the game. If it is in the middle of an at bat the player coming in, inherits the count! NSA has an EXCEPTION that states a player may re-enetr once......This DOES NOT APPLY to our league...if you are substituted for and come out of game you  CANNOT RE-ENTER!
METAL CLEATS are Prohibited in our league and have been for many years. ZERO TOLERANCE. If a player is caught with metal cleats he will be immediatley ejected from them game and the rest of the playoffs. And an automatic out will be counted each time he was to bat, if that leaves the team with lesss than 9 players in the batting order.

The safety base is designed to prevent collisions and other contact incidents at first base. The first baseman and other defensive players are allowed only to touch the white portion of the safety base during play. If a defensive player's foot touches the orange portion of the base, the umpire may call interference and award the runner a free base. If it doesnt interfere with the play the umpire may call runner out. This is an umpire's judgment call. On offense, the runner may touch only the orange portion of the base during close plays. Because a runner is allowed to run through first base, he may run straight through the orange half, remaining in foul territory. If he touches the white half on a play at first, the defensive team may appeal the play. If the umpire noticed the runner's foot placement, he will be called out. If there is no play to be made at first base, such as on a hit that will result in a double, the batter-runner may touch the white half of the base while making his turn toward second. Batted balls that hit the white portion of the base are fair, while balls that hit the orange half are foul.

There will be a pitching rubber in our league this year. There will be a rope in with the bases that will be used to make sure measurement the distance between home plate and pitching rubber is always the same. One foot shall remain on the rubber during the pitch. The pitcher may step left or right forward or back as long as ONE remains planted on the rubber. See below.
THE PITCHER SHALL TAKE A POSITION between 50 and 60 feet from the home plate within a two foot wide area defined as the PITCHER’S BOX. Once the pitcher has presented the ball to start a pitch, one foot must remain planted on the ground or pitcher’s plate throughout their delivery. A legal delivery shall be delivered with an underhand motion. Pitchers can continue to present the ball, then any style of underhand pitch is allowed.
IE: Back spin, Side spin, Knuckle, Even the Diggler Wiggler.
We allowed this mostly for the Back & Side spin
 a. The pitch shall be released at a moderate speed. The speed is left up to the judgment of the umpire, who shall warn the pitcher who delivers a pitch with excessive speed. If the pitcher repeats such an act after being warned, he/she shall be removed from the pitcher’s position for the remainder of the game.
b. The ball must be delivered with an arc and reach a height six (6) with no maximum height.
3 balls / 2 strike count  
EG. after the following your OUT!!
2 on mat OR 1 on mat, 2 fouls OR 1 foul, 1 on mat OR 2 fouls, 1 on mat OR 3 fouls
The home plate is part of the MAT for the purpose of Strikes
**For ALL plays at home the WHITE PLATE & BLACK MAT can be used by both the runner and catcher.


a. The batter shall not have his/her entire foot touching the ground completely outside the lines of the batter’s box or touching home plate when the ball is hit. Because we have no chalked Batters box it will be Umpire discretion.
b.The batter shall not step directly across in front of the plate to the other side or on the plate when making contact/batting the ball. If either happens the batter is automatically out and the ball is dead.
Games are to be 1.5 hours in length or 7 innings. Start times are set in the schedule, if a team fails to show up within 15 minutes of the start time they forfeit the game. You may NOT start an inning with less than 15 minutes left in game time.
You may begin with a minimum of 5 of your own roster players. With in first 15 you must have 7 players total or the game is forfeited.
If you start with 5 players then the 6th and 7th are automatic outs. Starting with 6 the 7th is an automatic out.