Ladies Rules



RULES 2013




The Days Inn Ladies Slo-Pitch League follows the NSA Rules. This rule book can be found online at The approved bat list can also be found on this website. As a league we also have a few "in house” rules which may vary from the rule book and are discussed below.


"In House” Rules

a.    Games will consist of 7 innings. A game is official after 5 innings have been played or the time limit of an hour and a half has been reached. Teams are allowed to quit before the 5 innings. Should time limit not be reached and 5 innings not played due to bad weather or light issues that game will be rescheduled.


b.    Field Dimensions: Pitching mound will be 45 feet measured from the back of home plate. All teams will pitch from the same mound. Bases will be 60 feet apart. It will be 84 feet from the back of home plate to centre of 2nd base. The commitment line is 21 feet from home plate between 3rd base and home.


c.    Home team is responsible to set bases up and bases must be set up 5 minutes prior to game time. Home team is also responsible for giving the umpire the game balls for the game. We are still using the official yellow Worth slo-pitch ball. These balls must be used for every game.


d.    Games will start on time. For every 5 minutes that a team is not ready to start the game, they will give up 2 points (ie. 07:00 – 2-0, 07:05 – 4-0, 07:10 – 6-0, 07:15 – 7-0). After 15 minutes, the game is forfeited and the score of the forfeited game is 7-0 to the winning team.


e.    No Bunting.


f.     Stealing is allowed after the ball has crossed home plate. Runners will be called on a "lead-off” if they leave the base prior to the ball crossing home plate. For purposes of stealing, any pitch is considered a live ball (ie. A ball that hits the plate).


g.    A runner will be called out at home if there foot has not made contact with the ground at home plate prior to the ball being caught at home. A players foot touching the line at home plate is considered safe as long as her foot touches that line prior to the ball being caught at home. Base runners are to "Use Caution” at home plate to avoid collisions with the catcher.


h.    **NEW** Team rosters will be posted on the website and available to all teams at the beginning of June. There will be no switching teams after May 27th when rosters are due. This year we will allow teams to pick up players from other teams provided that the team is short players (the picked up or spare player must be the 7th, 8th or 9th player and must bat in the 7th, 8th or 9th position). Teams must let the umpire and opposing team know that they have picked up a spare. If during the game someone from the original roster shows up to play the spare must be replaced by the incoming player. Come playoff round teams must use only the players listed on their rosters. Any discretion will be reported to Megan and Crystal immediately after the game.


i.     Each team is responsible for keeping score of their runs throughout the game. Every team has been reminded to check their scores with the other team at the end of every inning to avoid conflicts at the end of the game. If there are any discrepancies in the score the teams should bring it forward to the umpire at that time to deal with it.


j.      Commitment Line Infractions: A player has crossed the commitment line when her foot has gone completely over the line. If she goes back to
third, other than on a caught fly ball or long foul ball, she is out and the
call is made only when someone from the defensive team touches home plate while in possession of the ball. If she realizes that she crossed the line and returned to third, she can still go back home and if she beats the touch up at home, she is still safe. If she returned to third and no play is made on her and another pitch is thrown, then it is a non play and the umpire does nothing. Crossing the line and returning to third is not an automatic out.


k.    Please remember to wear proper attire for baseball. NO SANDALS!! Please wear proper footwear. Masks are recommended for backcatchers. Also, jewelry (including watches) is not recommended.


l.      Tie Breakers: If a game is tied at the end of the game and extra inning will be played only if time permits (You cannot start another inning with 10 minutes or less remaining in the allotted time, so if there is less than 10 minutes, NO extra inning,  and if more, then an extra inning could be played). The last runner out will go to second and there will be none out. The inning will be played like a regular inning other than the runner starting out at second base. If time does not permit the game will remain a tie and both teams will receive 1 point. Also, if after the extra inning no runs were scored the game will remain a tie.


m.   Absolutely NO DRINKING OR SMOKING on the playing field.


n.    Pitch Runners: A pitch runner is a player substituted for the specific purpose of replacing an injured player on base. Once a player has declared that they will need a pitch runner, they must stop at first base each subsequent turn up to bat or they will be called out. The only exception to this rule is an over the fence home run. Players can still play the field. The pitch runner will be the last person out in the lineup.


n.  Again this year the base lines will NOT be painted on the fences. With our weather issues affecting the fields so much, home plate often has to be moved to a more level or drier position therefore measurements would vary depending on the location of home plate. All teams should have a measuring tape to properly measure out fields and umpires have been reminded that this is the home team responsibility. Please be aware that if fields are in unacceptable condition for playing (due to a heavy rain, etc.) it is again both teams responsibility to rake, drag and shovel in holes by the start of game time.


**Please remember there is a no tolerance policy and the umpires call is the final decision. Please respect the umpires and their calls. If you have any questions or concerns about the above information please contact Crystal or Megan.**